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Our new IP Nurse Call Systems now have an industry first. Built in “Real Time Location Tracking” ability or RTLS as it is commonly known.

RTLS is the ability to track assets and people (Staff & Residents) within your healthcare facility. This is achieved via a combination of active tags and badges that are continuously monitored by the IP Nurse Call System in real time.

The RTLS utilises “dual technologies” leveraging the advantages of Infrared to guarantee 100% room level accuracy and RF for device communications and infill coverage. The required RTLS infrastructure is embedded within the IP nurse call system as standard, eliminating the requirement for costly third party infrastructure which previously made this technology cost prohibitive to many facilities.

Battery life has always been the downfall of wireless products. Our Asset Tags, RF Pendants and Staff badges have all been designed to optimise battery usage without compromising performance. Battery life of an Asset Tag is 4 to 8 years dependant on movement while Staff Badges only require recharging once a month via their USB port.

Easy to use software
Staff Badge including Personal Assist and Duress features
Personal Pendants for mobile residents
Waterproof bracelets for wandering residents
Asset tag with removal detection alarm
Long battery Life

Increased staff and resident safety
Enhanced asset utilization reducing equipment overheads
Asset loss prevention reducing procurement costs
Hand hygiene compliance monitoring

RTLS Asset tag

The RTLS (Real Time Location System) Asset Tag tracks essential equipment and assets within your facility. These assets may include medical equipment, rash carts, heavy lifting equipment, IT equipment or any high value asset. The RTLS Asset tag is fitted with an internal tamper feature which sends an alarm to your Nurse Call System if the tag is forcibly removed from an item. Please contact us for more details including pricing.

RTLS Staff Badge

The Nurse Call System automatically monitors the location of the badge. When the responding staff member enters a residents room, the system will automatically time and date stamp the event along with the carers name, and then cancels the active call. No need to cancel the call manually – simply attend to the resident and the system does the rest. The RTLS staff badge has built in Staff Assist and Duress buttons enabling staff to summon urgent assistance to their exact location. The RTLS Staff Badge can interface with your Access Control System, eliminating the need for multiple badges and also acting as a staff photo ID.

RTLS Pendant

The RTLS pendant is tracked within your facility with the option to be displayed on a GUI site map enabling staff to easily locate residents within the facility via a simple click of the mouse. The RTLS Pendant has a built in Nurse Call button enabling mobile residents to initiate a call for assistance identifying their precise location within the building.

RTLS Resident Tag

Resident Tags are monitored in real time and provide the ability to activate an alarm if the resident wanders outside of a predetermined area. The tag is attached to the resident via a hygienic disposable and tamper resistant plastic wrist strap.