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Silicone Standard Pendant with 12 feet / 3.6 metre Cord (Questek only)

The NurseCallOnline line of silicone pendants have been ergonomically designed, ensuring the devices are easy for residents to hold and activate. The silicone pendants also have clips so they can be attached to the residents bed or clothing to keep them within easy reach. Available in both standard and light switch models, the NurseCallOnline silicone pendant range comes equipped with tough fully moulded 6.35mm jack. The NurseCallOnline system includes a pendant removed alarm feature which generates an alert if the pendant is accidently pulled out or incorrectly plugged in. The silicone pendants are constructed of high impact silicone and designed to withstand the stresses of being dropped on a regular basis. Compatibility: Compatible with Questek systems after modification.


  • Durable fully moulded fittings, Integrates with most call systems, Bed clip as standard, Cord length options, Silicone soft touch, Dip sterilisable
  • Designed to comply with: AS 3811:1998 Hard-wired patient alarm systems for hospitals, AS 2999:1989 Alarm systems for the elderly and other persons at risk, C-Tick Electromagnetic compatibility.

Tender Specifications: Supply and install the Silicone Pendants where indicated on the drawings. The pendant will be ergonomically designed for ease of grip by residents to activate calls, as well as an optional light switch to control reading and room lights. The silicone pendant will be IP65 dip sterilisable and water-resistant case with embedded soft touch buttons. The pendant shall have an impact resistant case and be tamper proof against disassembly by residents, children, staff and intentional or unintentional impact. The supplier shall provide a two year warranty against damage to the pendant body. The pendant Call Button will be: Triangular in shape to identify its function as a Nurse Call point for the visually impaired; Activated through a momentary press of the Call Button; Constructed of soft-touch silicon with a positive tactile response when pressed and provide for residents with limited dexterity and movement; Coloured and labelled to comply with AS3811. The pendant cord will be supplied with an integrated 8 or 12 foot multistranded cable (as specified in the schedule of prices), double insulated white PVC cable with an injection moulded right angle 6.35mm phono plug. The cord will have a large, non-interfering metal bed linen clip attached to the pendant cable. The clip shall be removable and replaceable. Removal of the pendant, either intentionally or by accident, will result in a call being activated common to that of the pendant button. The pendant removal alarm can only be reset by reinserting a Pendant Plug
or by inserting Dummy Plug.